Crypto-assets global corporate finance transactions | A comparative and functional analysis of crypto offerings and securities laws


Author Massimiliano Caruso

Publisher Singulab

Year 2019 | Edition 1 | Pages 214

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Your team, your creativity and your hard work create the value. These legal documents won’t make your tech startup valuable; these legal documents will ensure that your team’s hard work doesn’t go to waste.

1. Corporate Charter

This is generally the first document in the life of a corporation, detailing the major components of a company such as its objectives, its structure and its planned operations. If the charter is approved by the state government, the company becomes the legal corporation that will hold the IP your team is developing. There’s nothing cool about this document, except that you authorize the amount of your corporation’s shares and set par value.

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“Existence is a great simplicity. There is Black and there is White.

There’s so much more Black. Are we losing?

No. Once there was only black. We are winning. All is right.”


For some fundraising is the black and bootstrapping the white; for others the opposite.

Below are 6 reasons why I believe a startup should stay self funded as long as possible.

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Catalogue of Encouraged Industries for Foreign Investment 2011.

I. Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry and Fishery
1. Planting, development and production of woody plants that contain edible oils or are used as seasonings or industrial raw materials.
2. Development of planting technologies for green food vegetables or organic vegetables (including edible fungi and melons), dried and fresh fruit, and tea, and relevant production.
3. Development of new planting technologies for crops, such as sugar crops, fruit trees and pasture, and relevant production.
4. Production of flowers and construction and operation of nurseries.
5. Planting of rubber trees, oil palm, sisal and coffee.
6. Planting or breeding of Chinese medicinal materials (limited to Chinese-foreign equity or contractual joint ventures).
7. Returning crop straw to farmland and the comprehensive utilization of crop straw; development and production of organic fertilizer resources.
8. Planting of trees (bamboos) and cultivation of improved varieties; cultivation of new varieties of polyploid trees.
9. Breeding of aquatic fingerlings (excluding China’s rare and endemic species).
10. Construction and operation of environment protection projects, such as the planting of trees and grass to combat desertification and soil erosion.
11. Aqua farming, open sea-cage aquaculture, industrial aquaculture, and ecological mariculture.

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I. Overview regarding companies with limited liability in Italy · II. Limited Liability Company (S.r.l. – Società a Responsabilità Limitata): 1. Estimated Time of Formation; 2. Estimated Costs of Formation; 3. Tax treatment; 4. Capital Structure; 5. Relationship of Quotaholders, Directors and Officers, Limitation of Liability; 6. Transfer of quotas; 7. The Board of Auditors and the Balance Sheet; 8. Dissolution